Trefusis Of Hearn

Owned by João Correia and berthed in Portugal.
Have a look at the careful way this boat has been restored by João
Here is the portuguese original text that came with the photos.
“Junto envio algumas fotografias do “Trefusis Of Hearn”. Sofreu melhoramentos no exterior e a maquina e  electronica totalmente renovada em 2009.
O Guarda Patrão foi feito em aço inox a semelhança do original e a nova maquina é um Yanmar 44CV (estou com problemas em acertar com a nova helice). Espero renovar o interior brevemente.
Parabéns pelo site, está optimo (não consegui inserir fotos)”
The best translation I can find is “
I enclose some photographs of ” Trefusis Of Hearn”. It has had improvements to
the exterior and has had it’s engine and electronic renewed in 2009. Wheel house was made in stainless steel like the original and the new engine is a Yanmar 44CV (I am having  problems with the new propeller). I hope
to renew the interior soon. Congratulations for the site, it is excellent.

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  1. djc says:

    Re ” Trefsis of Hearn ” Hello Joao , I am very impressed with your barbary thats a mighty fine vessel you have there.

    David . ( BK Bardolino . )

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