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Mercedes OM636 Manual

The link below is for the A5, 58 page manual which is enough to service and maintain the original engine supplied with the Barbary.

If anyone requires the full A4 size service manual, I have a couple of copies and am willing to lend them out by request.

om636 manual

Barbary Manual
The manual pages that I have displayed below are typed. I would have thought that it is unlikely that you would have a print run of the manual so these are probably originals

The following pages are clickable to enlarge to view.

Alternatively you may download versions of this document in Word2003 or PDF format. I suggest the Word version as it is smaller.
I will redo the PDF with lower res images sometime.

barbary_manual (Word)
barbary_manual (PDF)

Pinta Autopilot
Pinta Manual (PDF)
I am not even sure if this service manual is for the autopilot on the Barbary Ketch however it was provided by the owner of a Seadog 30 which is similar in size and weight to a Barbary. If anyone can confirm that it is pertinent, I would be pleased to know.

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