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I found these comments in amongst an advert for a Barbary for sale. Don’t know when they were made but done with a typewriter – remember one of those?


“The boat has been out in all conditions to Force 9 and we often get the lee rail under water and have logged 8 knots on many occasions. This season, as it was a broad reach, we won Class 3 @ 4 of the Tobermory to Skye, Clyde Cruising Club race and was second overall on handicap. This is a mean feat for a motor sailer against the racing oposition in Scotland

As for the boat itself and seaworthyness we have nothing but praise and would without hesitation take her anywhere in the world”

W.L BEECROFT – “Mist over Pendle”

“Good strong hatches which have taken nmuch punishment without any trouble or leaks…………….excellent hefty rigging and masts……..delightfully cool in the mediterranean in the saloon. Also warm in the UK due to insulation characteristics of the decks ………..wheelhouse just big enough to protect yet the helmsman can look around the corner to foredeck……main and mizzen sheets lead perfectly well and conveniently even under the cockpit cover to hand in the cockpit……………..side mouldingson the hull with gold insertsmake the Barbary as pretty a hull to look at as any…………….cavernous cockpit lockers…..the hull shape must be excellent, she sails beautifully when clean below. She rides with such a gentle motion and rhythm in windward work in heavy seas…………the under seat lockers and cupboards generally in the saloon are quite splendid ………..an excellant (the best going) of features of a sailing, cruising 30 – 35 ft. boat with powerful diesel assistance. The mouldings are ideal and the high sided cockpitis very protective indeed when going in hard………….. the engine is superb, never put a cylinder wrong. The prop is low down so that even when motoring hard into very hefty seas with 1 1/2 – 2 ft , of breaking tops and very steep faced she kept the prop pushing………..BARBARY BREEZE lies hove-to under mizzen quite beautifully.”

G EDMUND-JONES – “Barbary Breeze”

“The old girl has taken us 27,000 miles and we weathered a Force 10 en route here (FIJI)”

D. BIUCKNELL – Barbarette

“We are, as I said, delighted with our “LAETITIA” and have no wish to have any other kind of boat. For the two of us nothing could be easier to handle and we have been to France for the last six years.”

LT COL. C. J. BRADFORD – “Laetitia II”

Hi, I used to sail on a Barbary 33 on the Clyde during the 70’s. Very solid boat, good sailing off wind, but not brilliant upwind by modern standards. Comfortable and probably a lot of boat for the money if you can find a good one. Definitely a go anywhere take anything little ship, we experienced pretty savage weather at times & hardly noticed (but that could have been helped by the local spirits ! ) The semi-enclosed cockpit is a real boon for typical UK conditions. Very different to the Sun Odysseys we sail now in the med ! Construction is ‘substantial’ & ‘workmanlike’ & really from a different era, which die hards would appreciate I am sure

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I owned a Barbary Ketch for three years and loved her. To my mind it is the perfect seaworthy 50/50 motorsailor. Sails very well and the divided rig is great for solo sailing or couple who are not gorillas. Good layout which works very well for longer periods aboard. The only problem we had with the boat was leaks around the cabin window glass which on our boat were sliding – I would replace these with hinged or fixed ports.

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