Helmsman’s Seat

David Coxon has kindly sent photos of his helmsman seat arrangement. I (Alan Ellicott) have a similar seat but it cantilevers off the side of the cockpit and is supported by the end of a walking stick. Not very elegant.
This looks much more “designed”.
I notice his locker lid is further forward than Barbary Spirit’s and wonder if this was a common variation. I do like the little foot rest though.
Does anyone else have a different arrangement?

The following pictures are David’s


Contribution from Norman Kilpatrick of Barbeta

I have taken photos of our helmsman’s seat.

It was a white plastic seat; the base was cut off and
replaced by an amateur wooden box, and the seat then covered with foam rubber
and Rexine (or some such); amateur again.
The wooden box rests on the locker lid, and carries a slide, and about
half a meter of matching track is bolted to the cockpit side, so the seat can
be moved fore and aft about a foot.  To
remove the seat it is slid off the after end of the track, and stowed in the
after cabin.  It has worked pretty well
for 10 or 12 years, and was inspired by a seat on “Sirikit” (Dr
Kidd). It has  small fixed sides/armrests
which do not get in the way, but  keep
the helmsman comfortably in place on the starboard tack.  The footrest is similar to yours (David Coxon’s ?), I think.

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