Ilen River (formerly Laetetia II)


Previously Known as Laetetia II this boat is now owned by Mel Midgley and is on a mooring in West Cork.

Mel took Ilen River on a 14 day cruise of the SW coast of ireland in July 2017. Read about it here.

Some pictures on and around her mooring in West Cork

Below are some interesting pictures of some modifications carried out over the winter of 2016/2017

Comments by a previous owner

“We are, as I said, delighted with our “LAETITIA” and have no wish to have any other kind of boat. For the two of us nothing could be easier to handle and we have been to France for the last six years.”

LT COL. C. J. BRADFORD – “Laetitia II”

About Mel Midgley

Retired toolmaker. Been around boats of different stripes on and off since childhood. Refuse to grow old. Recent new owner of a Barbary Class with view to single handing. Presently situated West Cork Ireland.
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  1. admin says:

    Mel would like to ask the members if any of them are sat on an old boom, or part of one, a couple of foot would be ample for his requirements.
    He bought quite a nice new main for her at handy money but would need to extend the boom and do away with the mizzen; which he is contemplating doing anyway as he considers that the mizzen is a miserable sail and sets awfully.
    Alan (Admin)

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