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We (Alan and John, Barbary Spirit) have been having a go at using the cruising chute that came with our Barbary. Once we had got it the right way up !! we had a bit of success on our last trip of the season. Prior to that we had left it in its bag for the preceeding 4 years!!

It really is a case of suck it and see and we are not even sure if it is the correct size for the Barbary. Interestingly there is a spinnaker pole on the boat (but this is definitely a cruising chute that we have got). Every now and then you come across a really useful article in magazines and can I personally recommend January 2011 of Yachting Monthly for the excellent piece on using a cruising chute.

If anyone wishes to start a forum thread on Cruising Chutes, please do so. In the meantime below is the sketch of David Coxon’s chute with dimensions. It will be interesting to compare sizes 🙂

David Coxon's Cruising Chute

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